I graduated from the London College of Garden Design (LCGD) in 2015 with distinction, and more recently undertook the LCGD Certificate in Construction Design, graduating with distinction in 2022.

Based in Hove, East Sussex, I have experience designing small, urban gardens in London, Brighton and Hove through to larger, more rural gardens and country estates of the Home Counties. I also work with clients and a number of architectural practices to produce landscape schemes for planning applications. For a number of years I have also produced 3D hand-drawn garden concept visuals for a well-known TV garden makeover programme. Garden Design is my second career having spent 15 years in public relations, mostly in London, but also stints working in Moscow and Kyiv.

My real passion is for outdoor spaces that are natural and established, where the human/designer hand is less obvious and where nature has been allowed – within reason – to blur the edges and take back a bit of control.  I particularly like gravel gardens, woodlands and prairie-style planting which work well alongside more structural – and more obviously designed –  planted elements such as evergreen hedging and topiary, but executed in a modern way. Gardens should be as wildlife- and pollinator-friendly as possible, acknowledging that this isn’t always about flowers in summer but can be about providing shelter for insects and seedheads for birds and insect-life in winter. A year-round planting ‘infrastructure’ is essential in any successful garden to ensure that in the winter months we are still experiencing and enjoying our gardens, albeit in different ways, and sometime simply through a window.

In my use of materials, I prefer those that are natural, which age well, have texture and context, and continue to evolve in a garden environment such as timber, steel and natural stone and paving. It is important to remember that, unlike a kitchen or a bathroom, gardens have to contend with ever-changing weather and wildlife and are generally renovated less often than interior spaces so need to be durable and last longer. Gardens, and the process of their construction, should be as sustainable as possible; I try to minimise waste onsite, advocate the reuse of existing materials, use materials from sustainable sources, and always look to incorporate permeable paving or gravel to aid surface drainage.