Each project is tailored to the needs of the client and the garden and depending on the scale of the project. Sometimes, this will just involve redesigning the planting for an existing border or the redesign of a section of the garden impacted by an extension or garden building. Where the project requires a complete redesign of the space, the design process is typically broken down into key stages:

Initial Consultation: A free consultation: by phone, over Zoom or, where possible, in your garden where we can discuss what you are looking to achieve for the space.  Following this, I will provide a fee proposal for the design work involved.

Brief: If you decide to proceed, we will have a kick-off meeting to document the aims of the project; your brief, budget, vision and the practical needs for the space.

Survey: A detailed topographical site survey, and architectural drawings (if relevant), is required in order to produce a design tailored for the space.

Concept Design: A concept design typically includes: masterplan(s), 3D visuals and a mood board of images for planting and hard landscaping. The Concept Design stage has a fixed fee, and obviously there is no obligation to progress the project further, if you choose not to.

Detailed Design: Assuming that we arrive at a design that you would like to move forward with, the project moves into the Detailed Design stage. This includes the production of a set of technical drawings needed by a contractor to quote for and build the garden. These include: final masterplan(s), setting out plans, construction detail drawings (walls, hard landscaping, water features, paving, drainage etc), lighting and irrigation. Design fees for this stage can only be calculated once a design has been finalised and the layout, materials and complexity of the construction is known.

Planting: Annotated planting plans are produced to indicate the position and spacing of all new trees, shrubs and plants, and an associated spreadsheet details the required size, the cost and quantity of all new plants. I can then source, organise for the supply and co-ordinate the physical planting of any new plants for your scheme.

Tender: The detailed design drawings and documents enable landscape contractor(s) to provide a price to build the scheme. Where relevant, this can include bringing in other specialists, e.g. garden buildings, pergolas, water features, lighting, irrigation, furniture, sculpture and other garden features etc.

Construction: Once a contractor has been appointed, I provide a project monitoring service to ensure that the scheme is built according to the agreed design.

Aftercare: Once planting is complete, regular visits are built into the service to ensure plants and trees are establishing properly.

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