BRIEF: The design brief for this half-acre garden in the village of Bolter End, Buckinghamshire, was to redesign the space around a new garden building/annexe which the local planners had dictated should be sunk into the slope creating levels, retaining wall and drainage challenges. The requirements for the garden were for a new terrace alongside the new building, improved circulation and pathways through the space and views down the garden to the fields beyond; the addition of water for noise and atmosphere but also a reflecting pond, a request for bog garden planting, a storage / service area and a more wild area for a woodland meadow.

DESIGN SOLUTION: The final design plays on a ‘boathouse’ theme given the position of the new building in the garden, its style and the materials used; a ‘fragmented’ terrace joins a new dutch clay-paved path which winds its way through the garden. A serpentine-style reflecting pond provide interests and views from the new building, and a corten-style water bowl set within a pebbled bog garden adds atmosphere close to the new terrace planted with irises and other moisture-loving plants. To deal with the 1.2m level change from the back entrance of the new building to the main lawn, a series of ‘floating’ platform style steps wind through a slope of planting and grasses to meet the new brick-paved path.

Nb. The garden build completed at the end of 2020.