A cottage-style garden for socialising and dining.

The design brief for this garden in Buckinghamshire was to transition from a family garden – with a trampoline and goalposts – to a more grown-up space for socialising and dining.

A new curved design with interlocking circular lawns created a  journey through the space and a new curved dining terrace steps up from the back doors with a paved recess for a BBQ. A water feature sits in a pebbled planting bed close to the house and dining terrace. The planting design had a cottage-garden feel with ornamental grasses, Alliums and architectural-leaved shrubs; a large Magnolia and Birch tree were retained with several new trees, Prunus serrula and Sorbus, included in the scheme.

At the front, additional parking was created with a peninsular planting bed to screen cars from the house. A curved granite path leads to the front door but can also be driven over to access the new parking area.

Garden built by Baker Garden Landscapers. Summerhouse from Scotts of Thrapston.