BRIEF: A quarter of the garden was previously taken up by a garage which was being demolished and so the extra space and general balance of the garden needed to be redesigned to incorporate a new evening sun terrace on the general location of the old garage and (attractive) additional storage. A very large Oak tree dominates the garden and this needed to feel as though it is part of the design. The client wanted cottage garden planting style with elements of formal / structure for winter interest. A new sandstone terrace had been laid but this didn’t tie in with the rest of the garden and border edges had become blurred with the lawn.

DESIGN SOLUTION: Unify existing sandstone terrace (a later addition) and pond into the rest of the garden by edging this, all other borders and a new path in herringbone brick which ties in with the materials of the house. New deeper planting areas were created, including a raised bed / vegetable plot and the base of the Oak tree was given its own planting area with clear edging.
On the site of the old garage is a new dining terrace in the same sandstone as the existing terrace, linked by a herringbone brick path – well screened by planting to hide boundaries and a trellis screen to provide separation with the side gate / bins area. A small Amelanchier tree helps to anchor the other side of the new sun terrace and give a feeling of permanence and a new raised bed in complementary brick on the sunny side of the garden helps direct the eyeline towards the gazebo.

Structural definition is introduced with the Buxus cubes which is then a perfect foil for the more floaty and gauzy cottage planting which includes Verbena, Perovskia and ornamental grasses. Spikes of Acanthus mollis provide vertical accents and architectural foliage.