BRIEF: This London garden had a new extension and new dining terrace added but the garden was a blank canvas. A studio was planned for the end of the garden so the brief was to create a new garden in between the two. The client was looking for a semi-exotic looking planting and a combination of textures, to include timber and stone. A new terrace adjacent to the studio with an area for a firepit was needed.

DESIGN SOLUTION: Oversized timber steps help to ease the transition from the new, and quite high, stone terrace. These lead to a new child-friendly lawn area edging with lush planting of architectural foliage. Timber ‘stepping stones’ lead from the lawn to the new grown-up area of the garden with a graveled, circular seating area and firepit next to the studio. The exotic planting look is achieve by using large foliage plants such as Fatsia japonica, Acanthus mollis, Trachycarpus fortuneii and Rhus typhina.